We don’t have any hard and fast criteria for picking our pics of the week. It could be as simple as it
being a beautiful picture (which this one
certainly is), or it can be about the story behind the picture and
have nothing to do with the quality of the shot. Good photography
is not always a prerequisite. 

This week’s photo has got both of these things going for it: a
great photo (lovely natural light) and a lot went into getting this

If you read
Mardi’s blog post on making pancetta
, she
prefaces the whole process with, “Bacon and pancetta are
ridiculously easy. You cure them in pink salt and whatever spices
and flavours take your fancy for about a week, then you clean them
up and, in the case of the pancetta, you either roll it or hang it
to dry for another 10 days or so.”

I don’t know about you, but I think having meat hanging around
my house for 10 days represents a real passion for food. So this
photo was 10 days in the making! And from
reading her blog post
, you can tell the results were worth

Above: Mardi’s Home-Cured Pancetta