This month’s Roundup is pretty heavy on the cooking. I was hard
pressed to find issues vs recipes for your entertainment as it
seems if it’s not the long Canadian winter, it’s the economy that
has everyone hunkering down at the stove. Nonetheless, there are
still goings on:

  • Obama’s Canadian visit reflects even in our food
  • The economic pinch has many cyber-foodies inventing frugal
    (sometimes bizarre) delights
  • Italy’s let loose some inciting food policy
  • And just to keep it interesting, I’ve thrown in a kitchen


Clockwise from the top: Hungry in Hogtown’s Buffalo Tofu, Rob’s
Menu from Kayak Soup
Bake-less Pie from The Spice Who Loved Me
Spiced Yogrut Balls from A Canadian Foodie
, Sausage and
Cabbage from Seven Spoons
Chicken, Bacon and Peach Rolls from The Cooking Nurse

President Obama from The Appetizer
Firtters from Lisa’s Kitchen

A Bake-less Pie
Well, it’s more like an egg-less apple-strawberry crumble, but the
lack of dough-rolling has my interest piqued. The Spice Who Loved Me authors the revelation.

Whatever Grows in your Back Yard…
Yup, it’s official. No one has any money to throw away. As such, in
vogue are modest pastas such as
this one from Frugal Cuisine
, roasting bland, winter
tomatoes, cabbage, such as this Sausage and Cabbage dish
from the beautifully photographed Seven Spoons
, and
this Buffalo Tofu from Hungry in Hogtown
, which,
despite it’s luxurious photo, sounds like a real wallet

Just Because…
Don’t those
Chickpea Flour Fritters from Lisa’s Kitchen
look like a stack
of pancakes?? I swear they are! Well, they’re not. And if you can
pull your brain out the pancake tunnel, you can imagine that these
fritters with savoury sun-dried tomato cream would be very tasty

We Should All Aim for this Degree of Love and

gal from Kayak Soup show us all up
. (Unless you’ve got
a better story, in which case do share.) She makes this birthday
dinner for her Rob every year!!! And he gets to choose what he
wants! Every year! This year it was pork belly and crème brulee.
Come on!

I Have a Problem…
I tried to lay off the Cooking Nurse, and I succeeded for only one
month. Well now she’s back, by my demand. As if all her dishes are
not ‘inventive’ enough, she has invented this dish for her own
Chicken Bacon Rolls with Canned Peach Stuffing
. Those guests
better have felt lucky.  

Homemade, A Prevailing Trend
There’s a little place in the Mexican vacation town of Playa del
Carmen that serves these Spiced Yogurt Balls. Every time I go
there, I make sure to stop by for an order. Then
I found them at A Canadian Foodie
, and they look
exactly the same! How exciting. I’ve made yogurt at home before,
and it’s not as intense as it may seem, so I think everyone should
give this a try.

Eating Obama
our guest blogger noted
, Obama’s visit has us fooding it up in
his honour. The Rideau Canal’s favorite treat – the “Beaver Tail” –
has been Obamanized, and
Timothy’s has created the Presidential No. 44 blend
, to mark
this special occasion. If you were to Obamanize a food, what would
it be?


Clockwise from the top: The Slow Cooked Egg from
Chubby Hubby
, The Carrot
from Travellious
The Fruit Spa from Flagrante Delicia
Illustration from Kitchen Scraps
Brussels Sprouts from Chocolate & Zucchini
Prune and Sprouts Snack from Veggie Wedgie

Quiz Time
First off, take a break, and take
this absolutely gorgeous kitchen quiz from Becks &
! No, it’s not really the baller and the fashion
plate, but it’s just as, if not more, entertaining. The answers
have already been posted, but discretely, so it won’t be

From Paris with Love
Chocolate and Zucchini, that demure, classy veteran of
foodies on line, pays respects to my favourite vegetable. Yes, it’s
the Brussels sprout.  Spelled with the ‘s.’

Slow Cooking an Egg
Cool! I’m not going to attempt this but I’d love it if someone else
would and told me all about it. And from such a fabulously named
blog!  If ChubbyHubby
can do it
, you can too!

Fruit Candy
From Flagrante Delicia, I bring you
this delicate jewel of a salad
. The post simply says this: “A
fruit salad on a smooth bath: mild, colourful and promiscuous… [On]
Ginger and white chocolate custard.” That’s all.

Sexy Veggie

From Veggie Wedgie, this goodlooking, inventive and
healthy curiosity
. Sprouts and prunes? OK…It looks great
though, I’ll give you that. 

French Poached Chicken

This traditional feed-all dish
comes to us with a fabulous
illustration, via an incongruously named, but always stellar blog,
Kitchen Scraps.  Speaking of frugal, who said it has
to be drab?

The Carrot Gets Around
Travellious posts a photo essay on how the carrot is the
most common food in all cuisines. See their
finds from across the culinary spectrum

This is a Little Bit Crazy…
Parts of the Veneto and Lombardy, including the city of Milan have

“cracked down”
on restaurants serving ethnic foods… What?

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